Welcome to my page of d00m

Welcome to my almost certainly thoroughly boring corner of world wide web-ma-thingy-ma-jig. Apart from innane rantings (which are always good) this is also a place for me to store my poetry and pictures and more innane rantings (because you can't have too much of a good thing.) So make yourself at home, put up your feet and enjoy!

update 17/08/06

new poem, here, plus a whole bunch of new pics, witch ive forgoten the links to. drat.

update 28/02/06

new update. its a poem, a cold broken tear. i found it in the arcives, and it struck me. :).

update 29/01/06

hay. not a proper update, as saddly i have no poetry worthy of the name atm. a sad fact of life. its why this site grows at such a painful pace. however, this is an update on sevrel projects. firstly, ive added the propergander sheet im spreeding out across the univerty. its a call to arms. VIVA LA REVULTION. or at lest irc. secondly, i plan to start trascribing information from my little red book of poetry soon. the little red book was a note book i used for about 3 months in 6th forum for poetry, and contains a lot of stuff, some of it crap, but some of it good. most of it angst riden. i also intead to add a guest book. i just dont know how. finaly, i want to set up an email group for updates on my website. if you want to sing up, send an email with the tital "metapill updates" to list@metapill.co.uk. :) phil

update 23/01/06

hay agine. new update. first up, theres a new page compsoc whitch is for an orgstion im trying to raise at the univerty of greenich to spreed irc, newsgroups, love and justice. ill post my news letter thing up there, for now, its a detled list of my aims. also, there are 2 new poems, spell checked for once. these are but forg ahead i must and a pale saddness. i hope you enjoy them. im looking

update 15/1/06

hay, happy new year!. this years an existing one for me. im looking in to getting published. an adventer. additnaly, a good frind of mine, elenor (whos name i probly just misspled), is going to be doing some drawing for the site. a new years resultion for this site is to sort out both the poetry index layout, and its folders. but now now. this will help me, im shure, with my other new years resultion (to breake my new years resultion). as well as this, i also plan to publish my back catlog of desent poems unpublished, and go throw fiction press and post the ones that are souly there.

anyway, theres a new poem, a quezie feeling. if anyones intrested, im looking for some to spell check my poetry, btw. if your intrested, send my an email to poetry@metapill.co.uk. :).

update 9/12/05

2 new poems. the first is called shaterd and the second, dubsly put in the good and new catgory, is called hate to see you in pain. as useal, all comments apristed. please sent comments in to poetry@metapill.co.uk

update 7/12/05

new poem im sorry i made you mad. have begun to copy up some more old poems, and getting some new ones ready. :).

update 12/11/05

revanmped the poetry index. also, 2 new poems, unprofible thougt and deep mood, the couler black, an unfinshed poem.

update 11/11/05

updated the wish list. one more item. but a cool one :)

update 05/11/05

3 new poems, called smokey bar room warm, deep shadow fills my hart and i see you walk out with him. also, lots of pictuers from uni.