web comics links

i desied to post a page with links to all my webcomics i read or have read. partly becouse i like to shere, and partly becouse ive read like...tones. and keeping track of thems a pain. so...i should warn tho, i suck at summerys

megatokyo. the story of a pair of geeks who get stuck in jappan. exelent story. lots of awsom

real life comics about a bloke. lots of arcvies, updated daily, funny, sometimes zany. lots of awsom

the story of a mage whos strugnly to pass her final exam. kinda, anyway.

explotion now now finshed, this is the exelent forrunner to errant story. part gilthy humor, part ultra awsom drama. this is one of my fave comics. my old beef is that it finshed, tho it finshed well

8 bit thearter about a group of 4 adventures who beten them, are murderes, thefty (new word...), icompitentm and just plain stupid. quite good. lots of arcvies

ctrl alt delete more gameing relted maddness. notble becous it has a 3rd frind. a watermellon. ok, so thats years back in the archive, but it is awsom. and it dose have a talking xbox

pilled higher and deeper about life as a grad student. i may only be an undergrad, but i sypthyse. exelent comic, and very funny and insightful

ubersoft, a paradie of microsoft. very funny

order of the stick, and also home to a comic ive enver read called erf world. but im posting the link cos of order of the stick. about a group of dnd carters on a quest to save the world. very good. much awsom

chugworth accadmy, about a school. i cant describe it further. i would ague this is becous it defeys such discrption. go see for your self

MISFILE misfile. one guy whos now a girl, one girl of to uni now stuck in high school. one pot smokeing angle whos fault it is. much awsom. part of a ganre of comics ive herd termed "wheres my dick" (by the auther of vense envey). a perfect discption.

discordia anther member of the "dued, wheres my dick" ganrue of web comics. is intresting and well write. just come back from a long hiates

hookie dookie panic. updated thursday. a funnys comic, and good at it.

dndorks a comics about a dnd group. very good. sepchly if you play dnd.

so, youve been bad, but not realy bad. where do you go? heven? no, hell, in the ring of the slightly damed. about life, death, and everything inbetwen. at lest, thats what the banner says. :P

an intresting plot, lots of drama, well writen, if a little confuseing

post nuke about life in a post nuklear apoclypse world. slow updateing, but good

gameing basied humor done by a pair of arthmopic cats. made of win. go read it or i set the kittons on you

apple geeks witch is quite cool. with a bit of a phyco mac robot. dont badmath macs. or ill set her on you

vense envey. a comic about the life of a girl in a mans body. not a "wheres my dick", but transexual comic. exelent, well writen, thougt provoking comics

the wotcha girl with powers passed down from girl to girl for centerys, and what happenss in her life. usealy crazy. as with all magic. its rife with screw ups.

cheera wotch spin off about the cheer squad. made of as much win as its prognator, the wotch. ie, much win!

abstract gender anther exelent wheres my dick comic. awsomness abound

sparkling genrtion valkary yuuki. a wheres my dick comic, yuki is given the power of a valkery. only problem for him is valkerys are all girls. and so that means that he must also be a girl. permently. bad luck

a guy who wants to be a girl dealing with the greaf from his fammly.

power puff girls. and other cartoon network carecters. much awsom. currently on hiates

king of fighters a short comic. finshed. exelent

ever after, a gothicly dark fairytail